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We are 100% focused on helping entrepreneurs get fundraising quickly, affordably and safely, going far beyond simply providing templates. Get your legal paperwork done with speed and confidence so you can spend time on the things that matter.

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Time is money. Get your paper work quickly, so you can spend time raising money

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Attorney fees often compatible with the risk and transaction cost of smaller raises

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On-demand support from attorneys who specialize in your industry, so you’ll never get stuck

Free White Paper: 10 Fees To Charge in a Real Estate Syndication

BOOTSTRAP LEGAL 10 Fees To Charge in a Real Estate Syndication
How does a real estate syndicator make money? We've dug through tons of deals and have compiled a short guide to help you understand the various fees that experienced real estate syndicators charge their investors. This is the definitive resource for learning how to properly compensate yourself for the services you provide investors - and its completely free!